Best place to get favourable and effective ED meds in North Carolina

Erectile dysfunction medicines are one of those products that most convenient to order online from the consumers’ point of view. They do not need to be tried on like clothes. There is no need to understand their exact color and size, unlike interior items, and their taste will not change during transport, unlike food. Our agency has prepared the rating of online pharmacies based on their popularity among their target audience.

Gate City Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.5)

  • 803 Friendly Center Rd # C, Greensboro, NC 27408, United States
  • (336) 292-6888

I’ve shopped this Gate City Pharmacy a number of times and have encountered the worst customer service every single time. Extremely disappointed and hope they improve.

Horrendous customer service. Pharmacy frequently fails to order medication in time. Unfortunately, this is the only store that carries this medicine. Always end up waiting an extra day or two to get a prescription. No one answers the phone. Every personal interaction is incredibly rude. How these people still have jobs amazes me. I’ve complained to corporate as well Update time 10/28. Still forced to use this location. The majority of the pharmacy staff either not wearing masks or wearing them improperly. On the one hand, it’s Cherokee County. I shouldn’t be shocked by the idiocy. On the other, at least the pharmacist should be policing this… or you know, Quinn’s corporate policy.

Custom Care Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.2)

  • 109 Pisgah Church Rd #2515, Greensboro, NC 27455, United States
  • (336) 286-0074

Always a 15-20 minute wait when picking up from here. It is really ridiculous being a consistent customer to be welcome with poor service. Was sent back home 2-3 times after prescriptions were said to be ready, which is just unprofessional. I think more people should be on staff because there are lines outside AND inside. Smh.

Custom Care Pharmacy offers a walk-up pharmacy window perfect for times you are in a hurry or simply do not want to go inside. The staff is always polite, friendly, and helpful. This has been the pharmacy of choice for my family for over 15 years. Prices are low, so for anyone who does not have prescription drug coverage-as I didn’t for a long time- it is still the best place to go! They accept all of the little discount cards as well.

Friendly Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.1)

  • 3712 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro, NC 27455, United States
  • (336) 790-7343

Really slow service. I had a bad back injury, just left the hospital, and needed to fill a prescription for pain medicine. The pharmacist didn’t act like they cared that I was hurting. It was 2:30 am, I was the only customer there, and it took her 50 mins to get my medicine filled. I was very disappointed! Plus, when I checked Good RX, they were about $15 more than Hodson’s would have been. But it was so late, Hodson’s wasn’t open.

Rude BEYOND measure at Friendly Pharmacy . Not to mention, I was told I had a 35 minute wait time only to be waiting for TWO HOURS and still waiting at this moment. Very upset about the service here.

ViaQX Online Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.1)

  • 2107 Pyramids Village Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27405, United States
  • (336) 375-2995

I come to ViaQX Online Pharmacy to get Viagra pills since I work in the building. When I first started coming service was great. I used to feel welcomed. Lately, the past few times I feel rushed to make a decision about erectile dysfunction I’m going to buy. Today I was accused of having lip chap and I told the lady two times I did not have lip chap with the items I was purchasing.  I had the items I was purchasing spread out on the counter. I plan to still buy things from here since it is convenient and hopefully my experiences get better.