Enough Frustration to go Around

By Craig R. Turner
Published: October 25, 2013

Month ago Saturday’s game in Tallahassee between NC. A&T and Florida A&M would have had major implications in the title chase within the MEAC. However, with A&T losing three straight ball games by 5 points or less behind an offense that has been bogged down with injuries in the offensive line, inconsistency at quarterback and a deluge of unforced turnovers.

While FAMU’s inability to grasp the pro based system of new head coach Earl Holmes and transfer it to the college game has made for a less than stellar matchup for football aficionados . The Rattlers have been trying to put a 3-4 Pittsburgh Steelers type defense into play and a power offense that is a ball control offense that relies on throwing to keep defenses honest and exploit putting nine players in the box.

Unfortunately, FAMU does not have the personnel at this point to run that kind of attack, it has been showing less promise more, and more each week as their defense continues to hemorrhage points and the offense seems to be coming to screeching halt.

FAMU supporters have been anything but enthusiastic over the new strategy that Holmes brought with him and he may not get many more chances to make it work after the 2014 season next year especially with a team that started the season with 15 starters and 56 lettermen returning back in August and getting blasted at its homecoming last weekend by Howard.

While A&T has not been on the winning side of the ledger in almost a month, defense has remained the constant in holding opponents within striking distance, even creating its own scoring opportunities. But just like a year ago, the Aggies have hit a brick wall on offense that it has yet to find a way to remedy its way out of it. The best way would be to commit to the run and take a shot or two when the matchups are right. when an offense struggles, simplify things and do what you do best.

Tomorrow’s game will be something of a short preview of which of these coaching staffs has a better understanding of their personnel and which can effect the changes that need be made to salvage a winning season and top tier finish. Neither team has the type of offensive personnel on their roster at present to really do what they would like to do on offense philosophically so who ever shows the most patience in an anticipated defensive struggle will come out on top.

This game will be won by which team can hit a big play here or there and whose special teams can make a field position changing effort out of its kicking game. It’s been 12 years but the Aggies are due to get off the snide but by the hair of their chins despite being on the road down in Tallahassee.


N.C. A&T – 20
FAMU – 13